Southern Oregon's Technical Writer

Regis Lacher

Hi, I'm Regis. I'm a technical writer based in rural Oregon.

I fuse a background in technical documentation with expertise in corporate training to deliver quality materials and implement customized education packages. I provide comprehensive, practical information. I excel at instituting and managing new communication systems.

If you need a technical writer and you'd like to discuss how I can create great documentation for your next project, please call me at 505-331-8845 or send an email to

My Approach

Technical writers connect people to technology. Some of the most fulfilling work I do is translating giant, intimidating products and systems into easily digestible, actionable documentation. I pride myself on creating tools and documents that expand access to valuable, complex products and systems.

For me, technical writing is an act of diplomacy and curiosity. I like to find out what you, need, to puzzle out what your audience needs, and to figure out how to connect those things.  I love discovering what is important to people.  It's a true joy when I can create documentation that connects people to the tools or information they need to achieve their goals.

About Me

My mother tells me that as a child learning to speak, I made the choice to be quiet until I could do both with the aptitude of a much older kid. This was pretty jarring to my mother, but from that point on, everyone knew I was going to be a communicator. I've been writing personally since I could pick up a pen, and writing professionally since I could legally receive a paycheck.  

I'm based in Roseburg, Oregon, nestled in the sunny, verdant Umpqua Valley of Southern Oregon, an hour's drive from the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Cascade mountains in the east.